This one is going to be long. I’ll let Laura Levy give the detail:
The Del Montes were the “alter ego״ band of the Gin Blossoms, playing covers and originals several night a week in 1988/1989 often at Long Wongs, a long gone and much missed Tempe institution on Mill Ave.
This particular night was “pirate night”, the band members at this point were Doug Hopkins (Otis Del Monte r.i.p) on lead guitar, Bill Leen (Soup Bone Del Monte) on bass, Jesse Valenzuela (Pablo Del Monte), Dan Henzerling (Ishmael Del Monte) on drums and Robin Wilson (Biff Del Monte). I shot this show with a hand held Sony camera that was quite literally purchased from the trunk of a car at a Circle K. The sound is dreadful, but it’s a document of an era. Great moments, silly interludes, friends called up to the stage, and drunken mayhem. Many thanks to Shayne Stacy who encouraged me to share this tape, and spent hours cleaning it up. Laura Levy
Track list below.

Long wongs
“Pirate night”

Ruby ruby
Dead flowers
Angels tonight
Dream with you
Brown eyed girl
I can sleep
Seven days
Pipeline mashup with Munsters Theme
A little bit o’ soul
Movin on up (Jefferson’s Theme)
-Break at 38m-
Lost horizons (Jesse on vocals)
Found out about you
Dead skunk
Cigarette shack
“Chico Del Monte” called up, real name Chico Chism
How long how long blues
Solitary man – Robin solo
My lonely sad eyes
I can feel so bad (Cajun song)
Wizard of Oz bit – Robin
I think this is supposed to be La Grange?
Still the night (Bodeans cover)
Something wrong
Something that we can talk about (G song?)
Peggy Sue
Space and time song (Robin)
Gloria (Jim Swafford vocals)
“Elvis” Del Monte (Frank Martinez) Little Sister
Kelli Richards

Recorded by: Laura Levy.. but we are not sure if this is the master tape or a 1st gen
Transfer by Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: JVC HRS-9900U- Datavideo TBC1000 – Tevion USB Adapter — Virtualdub (lossless xfer)
Enhanced in Adobe Premiere Elements and Neat Video. This video was super dark so I had to do some unnatural things to make it visible, hence the “1990s surveillance camera” look

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