In my 37+ years of taping and trading, there have been a few shows that I received in trade that were life changing. There was Wayne Vanderkuil’s recording of Attitude Adjustment from Ruthie’s on 6/6/86 that made me a lifelong fan/friend of the band. There was the Redrum show that I taped from Oasis Ballroom on 12/29/85 that made me realize that board tapes can sound good (thanks Greg Williams)… a DAT clone of a Slobberbone board tape from Mike Shiner that made me dive into the band’s recorded output… and many more.
But this tape is probably the only one that I listened to more than the rest of a band’s recorded output combined- I got this in trade from Mark Martin shortly after the show happened, in early 1986- many months before the record was released. I was a huge fan of the new crossover movement so I played this nonstop.
Other notable things about the show- this is the first show with “classic lineup” vocalist Chris Notaro. Also, Kirk Hammet comes up to play a lead on Hub Run, and Tommy from Straight Ahead (somewhat famously) tells Hammett to get off the stage.. which leads to Kirk hitting Tommy with the guitar and Tommy getting thrown out. That happens at about the 35:00 mark.
Just a legendary show by a legendary band. How the hell is this not on youtube yet? This was one of those tapes that everybody had on their trade list in 1986. Is it really that rare? Note: This is not on the “Turn Back Time” comp that was recently released.

Recorded by: ?
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Nakamichi Dragon and M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card
Rebalance in Izotope RX8: Bass +4, Drums and guitar +1.

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