Grandaddy- The Beat, Sacramento Ca. 5/21/06 xfer from DAT Master

I was late to the party with Grandaddy but they became my favorite band in the early 00’s. By that time, they had stopped touring so I never got to see them. Then they release “Just Like the Fambly Cat” in 2006 and Jason played a few shows as a promotional tour. This was the last show billed as grandaddy until the reunion shows, 6 years later. I love the acoustic version of “this is where it always starts” on this. Cool cash register and phone sound effects as well.
Oh, I forgot to do anything with this recording before posting it, so there is 20-30 seconds of silence at the start, a big BOOM when I plug/unplug my mics, and the audience clapping is a bit loud. it’s raw- sorry.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment Used: Sony D7 DAT & Coresound Battery Box w/Bass Roloff Mics.

Live Concert Video