Instagon, 09/03/2018, Chalk It Up! Festival, Fremont Park, Sacramento CA, Video (Live Performance)

Recorded by: Jim McLain


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28th Annual Chalk It Up! Festival
Instagon Lineup:

Lob Instagon, lead bass/vocal
John Keeling, guitar
Warren Bishop, guitar (first appearance with Instagon)
Tim Onorato, electric ukelele
Flamp, saxophone
Ryan Kile, drums

Set List:
Set The Controls*, Deamon’s Tube, Jazz for Jerry**, The Heat>Sunlight in My Eye, Thruster, Orgone Collector


*”Set the Controls (for the Heart of the Sun)” is a riff by Pink Floyd from their 2nd album, Saucer Full of Secrets

**”Jazz for Jerry” was the song “Jazz for Satan” with lyric change in honor of Jerry Perry, Chalk It Up! Festival promotor, who suffered a stroke and was recuperating in the hospital during the Labor Day weekend event this year.

Live Concert Video