Tiger Trap- Middle East, Cambridge MA, 6/22/93 Full Set

Recorded (videotaped) by: Jody Urbati-Moore

Shared by: the Billy Ruane live archive preservation

Hello, everyone. This is my first post to the Sacramento Music Archive.
Am going to start by helping out Shayne and filling in when I have something to share.

Matthew Hartman kindly provided the tracklist in a comment.

0:40 Hiding

2:57 Don’t Ask

5:05 Sour Grass

8:30 Carrie’s Song

10:33 Word and Smiles

13:06 Baby Blue

16:02 For Sure

21:40 I Hate You

24:50 Heather’s Song

27:58 Treasure

31:12 ???

34:30 You’re Sleeping

37:27 Chester

41:00 Eight Wheels

43:47 Puzzle Pieces

47:07 You and Me

50:04 ???

52:05 Supreme Nothing

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