Oh man, work is getting like it was a couple years ago- 8.5 hours of meetings today- 5 hours down so far. It’s going to make these daily posts challenging… and of course, when I need to create posts as quickly as possible, Youtube decides to stop processing my audio posts. After having this one bonk out about 5 times, I finally had to do it the old/hard way. I guess I’ll be working with YT tech support soon.
Anyway, here is the audio from the Circle Jerks Houston show. Video was not allowed, so I went ahead and used the ol’ DPA mics to get this one. This was the nicest venue of the tour and a sharp contrast from the (awesome) warehouse style San Antonio club. Meh, give me $7 beers and roll up doors over this fancy place and $15 beers. Anyway, it sounds pretty good because of the pristine sound system. I guess there are some benefits from going to a nice venue…

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: DPA4061 Mics, Church Audio Preamp, Sony PCM-M10 digital recorder.
EQ (bass roloff) in Sony Sound Forge 10

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