This show was WAY more fun than I expected. Jimmy G is still a comedian and entertainer at heart and he engages a crowd like no other punk/hardcore vocalist. Huge thanks to Matt at the cafe for the multitrack audio, because my camera audio was lacking. Thanks to Jimmy for permission, and thanks to Tromster for the edit.
Funny story about this show- Jimmy was in an RV behind the club and I could not get to him to ask permission. I asked the merch guy and he said he would ask, then he got busy… so I asked someone setting up who ended being the bass player. Jimmy came in right before they started and I asked, and he gave the OK. I turn to Matt the soundman (he was up by the stage too) and asked- “how much time do I have to set up”. He looks at his watch.. 2 minutes. Holy shit, I have never set up faster in my life.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Canon HF G60, 3x Gopro Hero 5 black

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