OK everyone, I am hoping for your help in identifying this band. This is from Russ Gibb’s archive and the tape says “Rock Band Concert Oct 1979 D.H.S.” If anyone knows who this band is, or if any of these band members went on to any other bands, I would appreciate it. I tried googling some song titles and nothing.
The band kicks ass and the soundboard audio, while a little distorted, is pretty sweet for a 1979 show.
After super beta machine #1 died transferring another tape, I bought another one and transferred this tape… and then it dies as well. I bought a third one (from japan) that seems to be dead on arrival as well. My garage is starting to fill up with dead super beta machines.

Recorded by: Russ Gibb and/or crew
Transfer by Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: SONY SL-HF900 – Datavideo TBC-100 – Tevion capture unit – Virtualdub
Enhanced (denoise) in adobe premiere/neat video

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