Sacramento fusion band CHIKADING were scheduled to play a show, and their drummer Dex Lopaz had some back problems.. so they were not able to appear as their regular trio… Tony asked Stephen Elliot to sit in with a keyboard and they used the electronic beats and grooves from those keys.

This show was a one off performance that likely will not happen again.. This was a show of fun improvisation and exploration into random beats and the energy, and chaos of a regular Chikading set is there..but it is much more subdued and lounge like…it was a really sweet performance.. I hope you enjoy the recording – Lob -/\-


released September 29, 2014

TONY PASSARELL – keyboards & trumpet
STEPHEN A. ELLIOTT – keyboards

Captured by Lob Instagon LIVE at Naked Lounge Downtown, Sacramento,CA 9-13-2014
using ZoomH4 digital recorder, mixed & edited at home with Adobe Audition.
photo by Kenny Mann
cover design by Lob
all songs by Elliott/Kuhlmann/Passarell
all rights to these songs belong to Chikadingish. ..I only recorded them.

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