This one has a story. A couple years ago, Jozef Becker(TWR Drummer) loaned me some TWR VHS/Beta tapes to digitize and post on Sac Music Archive. One of them would not play- the tape felt like it was seized in the shell. I had a re-shell done here in Sac and still no luck. I gave him back the empty shell with all of the info written on the label. I took a picture and kept it in the folder with all of my other tape pictures.
So I recently discovered pacifc video repair up in Washington. I sent this tape in and they told me that the tape was pretty much shot, but they could lubricate the tape and try to play it back… so that’s what I had done. They had to do a bunch of lubrication passes and then a lossless transfer there in the shop. The tape now plays for about the first 20min then craps all over my heads and won’t play anymore. I am so glad that they were able to get the transfer done.
So, $113.09 later, here you go. I went to find the picture of the tape so I could fill in the info, and I apparently did not transfer that data over to the new RAID last year.

Transfer by: Pacific Video Repair

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